3 Thrifty Ways To Reach Business Prospects Offline

3 Thrifty Ways To Reach Business Prospects Offline

Nowadays all the rage is reaching prospects online via your website or blog and social media, however face to face contact is still a no brainer especially in certain industries and niches, which brings us to consider marketing offline for once instead.

If you wish to inexpensively promote your small business offline in addition to your online marketing efforts, give the three simple and thrifty ideas below a try. These ideas can be tried by anyone in any field and if handled properly should yield good results.

1. Joint Promotion With Other Businesses

One of the best ways to reach offline prospects is to create a joint partnership with another business owner. You can complement each other in different ways and in the process drive business to and from your respective companies. This could take the form of a sale, a contest, a drive for charity, local press releases and so on. The point is to do it with someone else so that each party benefits from each other’s client base and traffic.

2. Business Cards

The business card is often overlooked as a marketing tool and I’m not sure why. With a well designed and well crafted business card, you can accomplish a number of things, most important of which is to leave your prospect with a small token to remember you. If you make it a wacky and or funny business card, this will work like a charm — but make sure that approach fits with your brand. So get creative and dazzle ‘em with this tiny but (most useful) card.

3. Local Paper Write Up/Column

Your local paper is a fantastic resource of potential offline prospects for just about any business. The trick is to become a columnist for your paper and or submit news worthy pieces that the editor can write about. Get to know the editor and let them know about your awesome business and how it can help the community at large. One approach is to participate in community events and this will surely make it into the “local events” section of the paper. Remember the old adage “give them something to talk about” and they will.

You’re only limited by imagination on how and where to reach prospects, get those creative caps on and brainstorm some good ideas and you’ll soon have more clients than you can handle.

Thanks to Missy Diaz for these helpful tips!

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