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3 Truths for New Year Business Planning

Can you believe we’ve almost turned the corner on another year?

I imagine right now you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season on top of trying to get everything in tip top shape to kick off the new year with a solid foundation.

Whatever you’re doing, I wish you the very best!

As the excitement about a new year cranks up in online forums and discussion groups, here are some of the common things I’ve seen people talk about.

They center around three main topics –

  1. Buying a planner,
  2. Project management checklists, and
  3. Taking training courses.

Here are some of the things I’ve heard. Quoted, but paraphrased (is that a thing?).

1) Buying a Planner

“I’m getting ready for the new year. I actually started in November and have spent the last month researching planners so I get just the right one to be successful in the New Year. I’ve finally narrowed it down to 5 different planners. I’d love your opinion.”

A post like this usually gets tons of comments and opinions from people who have walked in the same shoes and still haven’t decided, from people who are selling planners, or from those who live and die by a planner they’ve used for years. And at the end of the day, all that’s happened is a bunch of people wasted time focusing on the wrong thing.

2) Project Management Checklists

“Does anyone have a project management checklist for launching a course / podcast / affiliate program / creating a website / etc?”

This type of request is so common in online forums. Many people believe project management is about completing a set of steps in chronological order to get from start to success. Given that pretty much everything you do in your business is a project, that’s not surprising. And for small projects like writing a blog post or creating a social media graphic that might work because those are only parts of a project. But for larger projects that have many moving parts and people, a checklist isn’t going to cut it.

3) Taking Training Courses

“I’m stunned. I just did a review of my expenses for the year and discovered I spent $15K on training courses. I haven’t completed a single one of them and haven’t made any money this year to cover the cost.”

I was even shocked when this was posted in one of the forums I frequent. I knew that many people bought training courses (FOMO much?) and didn’t complete them, much less implement what they learned, but this was mind blowing. And that post ended up with well over 100 comments from people in the same boat. Ugh!

I could go on, but this message would turn into a book. So I’ll stop with these three common things I see people talking about (or doing) as I meander across the interwebs.

The sad part about it is not one of these three things will make them successful in business. The sadder part is that they think it will. So I’m putting it out there to you because you’re one of my favorite people and I want you to succeed.

So here are the three truths to remember as you move forward into the new year.

1. Buying a planner is NOT planning.
2. A checklist is NOT project management.
3. Taking a course is NOT action.

All three of these things are like purchasing a gym membership and expecting to get fit without stepping one foot in the gym.

Don’t do it!

And if you need some help moving forward, I’d be happy to get on a Power Hour with you.

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