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4 Tips For Selling From Your Facebook Page

4 Tips For Selling From Your Facebook PageSocial media has become the preferred marketing of many small business owners, and with more than 750 million users on Facebook returning to the site daily, it’s easy to see why! Here are 4 tips for getting started selling from your Facebook page:

1. Get “Fans” to Like Your Page
If you want to sell products or services on Facebook, you need to have “Fans”. On a business page you set up on Facebook, there will be a “Like” button at the top of the screen. When people click on this, they are added as fans to the page, and will then see your Facebook status updates when they use Facebook. It’s a similar concept to adding people to a mailing list.

2. Remember Facebook in All Other Forms of Marketing
Whenever you send an email or newsletter to your subscribers, make sure you include a link to your Facebook page so people can easily click and “like” your page. Your existing customers may not realize you’re on Facebook. Include a widget on your current website so people can find you on Facebook, too.

3. Use a Facebook Store App
You can easily install an application on your Facebook page to create a ‘store’ from within the page. When fans are visiting your page, they can literally browse images and descriptions of products you sell. If they click on one to buy, they are taken to your website to complete their purchase and check out.

4. Reward Facebook Fans with Special Offers
Keep your fans by offering regular offers only for Facebook fans. Not only will this keep your existing fans happy and generate more sales; but it also encourages your fans to “share” your Facebook page with their friends. Essentially, you’re getting other people to market for you. The better your special offers, the more likely people are to pass it on to their friends, and the more likely you are to start getting new fans on your page – and new customers to your business.

This guest post is by Debbie Dragon, a freelance writer and business owner writing content for Vendio.com. Vendio provides e-commerce software solutions including free shopping cart software and sales solutions to use with social media.

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