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Finally Create Your Action Plan
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Everyone Has Challenges At One Time Or Another

Goals don't do you any good without action behind them. But some people never seem to be able to get out of "inaction" mode.

  • You buy stuff and don’t consume it because your attention is going in tons of different directions at one time.
  • You’re a one person show who just can’t seem to focus on taking the steps to get things in order so you can make the money you deserve in your business.
  • You keep spinning your wheels and going off in different directions – one day you do a bit of marketing, the next day you start your social media effort, the next day you’re fiddling around with your website – and none of it adds up to results for your business.
  • You’re so overwhelmed it has created an “analysis paralysis” situation for you so you have trouble completing any task that will move your business forward.
  • You’ve already spent hundreds (thousands?) of dollars on courses and ebooks to help you grow your business and you’re still stuck.
  • You’re exhausted at the end of the day from all the energy you use up running around in circles, staring at your computer screen and procrastinating about what you need to get done.

You're Not Alone

You need an action plan. Here's how to create one in 5 easy steps. You'll dedicate about an hour to each step.

Step 1: Where Am I Now?

You’ll take a look at what has happened to date and who your company has been serving before you move ahead.

Step 2: What Didn’t Work So Well and Why?

You don’t want to continue doing things that aren’t working well for your business, so you need to take a look at what those are and remove the barriers to success.

Step 3: Where Do I Want To Be?

You’ll define what your future looks like so you can take the right steps to reach it.

Step 4: What Are My Goals?

You’re actually going to turn your good work into something that will be a road map for you to follow to achieve those things you’ve only been dreaming about. This is a really cool step where you’ll see the pieces come together.

Step 5: Create Your Road Map for Success

It’s much easier to achieve success if you have the steps broken down into bite-sized pieces. You’ll define just what action you will take to ultimately reach your goals.

Sail Through Your Day
Without Frustration or Overwhelm

Once you've completed your action plan, you'll know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the goals you've set up as priorities in your business.

No more distractions, no more days starting out with the question, "What do I do today?"

Because you'll know. And you'll actually make the progress you've dreamed of in your business. 1) You'll know what to do when, and 2) What barriers might need to be overcome, and 3) What costs are involved in accomplishing an action, and 4) What resources you need to get an item done.

All in advance of putting your plan into action. You won't get derailed trying to get things done by "surprises" that pop up during the implementation process because you'll have identified them when you completed your plan.

That alone will save you a ton of time. 

And you'll get through your days without the agonizing overwhelm that plagues most small business owners. Plus you'll get lifetime access to the training so you can revisit it each time you set new goals.

  • I’m a long time fan of Denise O’Berry and when she released her "Create Your Strategic Action Plan" program, I knew I could count on her to help me focus on what I needed to do.

    As always, Denise has delivered on her promise and I have finalized my Action Plan which is better suited to my vision for my business. I hadn’t realized how far I had come! I’m still tweaking my Action Plan as I obtain new information and align it with the direction that my business is taking but from a place of confidence that the returns on my actions will justify the time I am investing.
    Vatsala ShuklaKarmic Ally Coaching

Here's What You Get When You
Commit To The Action Plan Training

  • A walk through of exactly what you should do via step-by-step videos and written instructions. No need to disrupt your business -- just spend one hour a day to get your plan done! Or you can do all the steps in one day. It's your choice.
  • Fill in the blank action sheets that I use in my business and that my clients have used to break down the barriers to getting things done. They’ll help you get things done too.
  • Dedicate an hour a day for five days to focus on only the activity for that day. (Or do it all in one day -- it's up to you!)
  • Each step takes you closer to the creation of your action plan so you'll know what to do to have the business you've always wanted.

Action planning isn't a "one time" activity. You'll use this training over and over in your business as time goes by. That's why you'll have lifetime access to this training -- so it will be there when you need it.

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You Might Be Thinking...

  • q-iconI don’t have time or energy to do another course

    You’re right. You don’t have time to do another course that you won’t finish. Procrastination and running in circles takes a lot of energy. That’s why this training is broken down into five steps. You can complete all the steps in one sitting or devote an hour a day for five days.

  • q-iconI’ve invested in so many things already and I’m still stuck

    I get it. I’ve been there. Invested in courses and books that just collected dust on my computer. Things I’ve never consumed or put into action in my business because I was just too busy. It’s time to end that cycle now. I’ve laid out this training to make it easy for you to complete.

  • q-iconWhat makes this different from other training out there?

    This training isn’t some huge, complicated course that will take you forever to see results. Its structured so you will have a workable plan in five simple steps. All you need to do is set aside one hour a day for five days and you can get it done.

  • q-iconHow do I know this will work for me / my business?

    This is the exact system I use to create an action plan in my business. And I’ve helped plenty of other small business owners just like you do exactly the same thing. There’s no risk to you. This training comes with a 10 day money back guarantee.

  • There is no one I know who writes more, does more and knows more for the Small Business professional than Denise O'Berry. She's professional, easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable. What amazes me the most is that Denise is an ACTION hero. She doesn't just write and speak.....she DOES!
    Donna CuttingPresident & CEO, Red Carpet Learning Systems

Let's Do This!

It’s easy to get started. Just click the buy now button below, fill in your payment details and you’ll have access to the action plan training in minutes.

Only $197 - Click Here To Buy Now

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll get an email with your login details for accessing the action plan training. This normally takes just a few minutes, but may take up to 15 minutes or so if the interwebs is a bit clogged up.

When you log in to the training site, you’ll see your available training. You can just click on it to get started. Then you should watch the welcome video and start step one of the training. That’s it. Get started now.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

My guarantee is simple. If you decide the training isn’t working for you within 10 days of your purchase, contact my support desk at, show me you actually did the work (and completed the worksheets), and I’ll promptly issue you a FULL refund.

P.S. Make sure you buy your action plan training right now. Waiting just one extra day to get started just delays you from making progress in your business. And you'll have lifetime access so you can use it whenever you need it! Click here to get started now.


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