5 Must-Have Apps To Run Your Small Business From Your iPad

5 Must-Have Apps To Run Your Small Business From Your iPad

apps to run your small businessA recent survey of small business owners conducted by the Business Journals media organization finds that the use of desktops and laptops is decreasing while the use of mobile devices and mobile applications is on the rise.

Among the most popular is the iPad, with 11.12 million sold during Apple’s fourth quarter this year.

Whether increased use of mobile devices in the workplace is because of their ability to communicate more effectively, lower expenses or to project a professional and established image for your business – these apps have become essential business tools for small business.

Here are five iPad applications that will help increase productivity, keep costs down and help you stay connected when it matters most:

1. CamCard

Networking is key for small biz – never lose another business card with CamCard, the app that captures card images with a mobile-based camera, recognizes the card image content and automatically saves it to your address book.

2. eVoice

With the eVoice VoIP mobile app, entrepreneurs have the ability to turn their iPad into a professional business-class phone system. The app enables entrepreneurs to stay connected and professional on the go, while benefiting from rich business phone features such as call screening and forwarding capabilities, voice to text, conference calling, 24/7 auto attendant and more.

3. SlideRocket

Reinvent your PowerPoint presentations and engage your audience straight from your iPad with the free SlideRocket Player app. This app allows you to access, present and collaborate on presentations on or offline 24/7.

4. eFax

More than just sending and receiving faxes from your iPad, the eFax app from j2 Global offers a document management system complete with digital signature, large file sharing, lifetime storage and searchable faxes all from your device.

5. Expensify

Doing expenses can be such a hassle – track purchases as they happen with Expensify by syncing the app with credit cards and bank accounts. The app creates a complete document view of all spending that users can email (via PDF) directly to their company.

This guest post is written by Mike Pugh who joined j2 Global in 2000 with the acquisition of eFax, has held management positions in Sales, Marketing, and Product Development since 1997. Mike currently manages the Company’s domestic marketing organization. Prior to this, Mike was the VP of Product Marketing, with responsibilities including product development.

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