6 Easy Tips to Help Your Small Business Improve

6 Easy Tips Small Businesses Can Use to Improve

Small Business ImproveIn a small business, there’s always something to do. Here are six quick tips that can help you move in the right direction.

1. Improve Customer Service

It is easy to reduce all expenses of a company with the economic uncertainty. In the long run though, these cuts could turn out to be more expensive. Your competitors may be spending less money on customer service. bit this generally is not a wise option at it will cost more to acquire new customers than trying to keep hold of your existing ones. So if you try to improve your customer service where you can, your company will stand out from the rest.

2. Social Networking

Some people don’t realize how big a marketing tool websites such as Twitter and Facebook have become. Most of your customers will already be on these networks, and furthermore they are free. That is why your company needs a presence within these networks to speak to customers inexpensively and directly. (But don’t abandon your blog in the process!

3. Online Directories

It is a good idea to find web directories to increase traffic to your business. Registration is often inexpensive or even free. (If you serve small business, make sure your blog is in the small business blog directory.)

4. Keep your Business Credit Separate From Your Personal

Don’t mix things up. Instead of  using your own name, apply for a credit card under the name of your business. A distinct credit history for your business will mean that it will be more likely to qualify for improved payment terms and loans.

5. Use Better Payment Terms

Small businesses are finding that banks are more hesitant to provide capital in the current financial climate. The alternative to this is asking for longer payment terms where businesses can change their receivables into operating capital. (This can help your cash flow too.)

6. Outsourcing Payroll

The benefit of outsourcing  payroll is that it allows your employees to concentrate on more important matters. Instead of dedicating hours per week towards figuring out what employees worked, during which shifts. Outsourcing payroll is time and cost effective which in turn helps boost your companies’ profits.

This guest post is by Michael Turner, who is currently writing on behalf of Ceridian, a HR Outsourcing and Payroll Services company.

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