Abandoning Your Blog For Social Media Is A Fatal Mistake

Abandoning Your Blog For Social Media Is A Fatal Mistake

As small businesses have tackled the big job of being active in social media there has been one common mistake made.

So much attention is focused on creating content on the social media sites that very little is given to creating fresh content on the business’s website.

Why is this troublesome?

Social media profiles can't be 'owned' and safeguarded the way a website can. Click To Tweet

There are many cautionary tales to be told about businesses who built up years of content and community on a social network only to have that network go belly up or have their data hijacked and lost.

Do you know that Facebook won’t fight for you if your business page or group is taken from you by a disgruntled subordinate with admin access?

I’m not suggesting small businesses shouldn’t build great social media profiles, what I am saying is this:

The primary focal point of all social media efforts should be on your own website.

Blogging is a powerful social media tool that works hand in hand with your social media profiles to build relationships and win over new clients and customers.

But here’s the problem.

A good percentage of small business owners have a blog, they're just not keeping it active. Click To Tweet

Perhaps you’re not sure what to publish on your blog. Or maybe you’re coming up short on ideas. Or maybe — you’ve hit the inevitable blogger’s (writing) block.

With your website as your business’s online base camp, you’ll never have to worry about losing everything. There’s no guarantee like that with social media.

Don’t walk away from your blog because you’re stuck. It’s not safe to put all your effort into social media and let your blog die.

How many thousands of blogs are created every year and left to collect virtual dust? Way too many!  Take time now to shake the dust off of your blog and get back on track.

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