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You Are Not Alone...

You started your online business to make a difference and follow your passion.

You started your online business to make a difference and follow your passion. And as it's grown, you've created training and services to help other people. You've hired people to help as your business has grown but for some reason you never seem to gain any more time from it.

Has your hustle become a hassle?

You still find yourself stuck in the minutiae of every day stuff. Dealing with the details of who does what, when it needs to be done, and team members who are good, but OMG can't they just read your mind?

It's craziness you'd just rather not deal with. And you have plenty of other ideas that are stagnating while you're managing all this stuff.

You just want to be the CEO of your company...

Ugh! It can't be this hard. I get it. I've walked in those shoes and they aren't a good fit for anyone. Let me help get you where you want to go without all the stress and frustration.

About Me...

If you're expecting one of those "oh so common" rags to riches stories, you're going to be disappointed. 🙂 I left a corporate career in 1998, opened up my small business consulting firm and have never looked back. In 2007, Wiley publishing asked me to write a book about small business. What an honor that was! My book, Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success has helped thousands of small business owners around the world. 

I get you because I've walked in your shoes. I definitely can't say it's all been roses, but I've loved every minute of it. I get a lot of joy from working with small business owners and seeing people like you succeed.

I’ve always been known as the “action lady.” (It’s no coincidence that my initials are DO.) That’s the person who spurs others into action to get things done. You simply can’t win in business without taking action — and it has to be the right action. I'm a problem solver who helps small business owners get from stuck to done. That's why they call me the Action Lady! I would love to work with you to help you take the right action so you can have a business and life you love. Click here now if you want to learn more. Or if you're ready to begin right now, apply for a free Clarity Call below.

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