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Affiliate Marketing Is Not a Dirty Word!

What do McDonalds, Quiznos, and Harley Davidson have in common?

These companies all sell franchises to their business. That means a portion of the owner’s revenue goes back to the parent company for each sale that’s made.

They’re affiliated with the parent company.

That’s why it amazes me when I hear statements online like “I wouldn’t buy from him, he’s an affiliate” or “The only link is an affiliate link and I don’t want to buy using that” — all said like they’re trying to spit dirt out of their mouths.

I truly don’t get it.

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy.

It’s no different than what we do every day as we go about operating our businesses.

Sure, I understand that a few affiliates can be a little pushy, but that can be the case with someone who’s not an affiliate too.

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The truth is — using affiliates to help sell your products is a good idea.

You can’t be everywhere at one time and affiliate marketers are a ready made sales force — except you don’t have payroll costs.

The bottom line for me is that I love to see a small business owner get a commission for recommending a good tool that I can use.

After all, the responsibility for deciding to purchase is still on my shoulders whether I’ve gone to a site via a direct or affiliate link.

The key to affiliate sales is ensuring “product / market fit.”

Product / market fit solves a problem for someone. And that “someone” may not have seen your offer if they weren’t connected to the affiliate in some way.

The interwebs is way too vast for everyone to see every offer you make.

So it’s important for you to have the right affiliates on your team, not just anyone who’s willing to throw up an affiliate link.

That takes planning and purpose. 

Are you considering an affiliate program for your products or services?

I’ve been on both sides of the fence — as someone who has been an affiliate and had my own affiliate program. Getting it set up and running the right way is in my zone of genius. If you’d like to talk about how I can help you, click here.

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