Business Referrals: It's Better When Your Customers Say It
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Business Referrals: It’s Better When They Tell Them

You know that word of mouth can grow your business.

You hear your customers say nice things about your company all the time.

So why don’t they tell people?

And, why don’t they write it down?

Because you don’t ask.

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Your customers are busy people. They don’t think about your business day in and day out like you do.

Testimonials don’t have to be written in a formal letter. You’ll often get more usable comments when they aren’t.

Sound bites that pack a punch can go much further in building credibility for your company. And can get you plenty of business referrals.

When you hear someone say something nice about your company, write it down. Ask them if you can quote them and use it in your promotional materials.

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