Testimonials Are Social Proof You Do What You Say You Do

Customer Testimonials Are The Social Proof That You Do What You Say You Do

How do you feel when you land on a website that contains list after list of testimonials?

Do you believe those testimonials are real?

It’s sad to say that some businesses will go to long lengths to fabricate testimonials for their products or services.

That’s just stupid.

Now you might be feeling some pressure to have the “social proof” of testimonials if you’re launching a new product or service. And, yes, it definitely helps. You might even consider “making some up.”

Don’t do it!

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Not only can it ruin your business reputation, there’s just no reason to do that when testimonials are so easy to get from customers.

Yes, real customers.

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It's super simple to get testimonials that prove you do what you say you do in your business. Click To Tweet

Watch this quick four minute video to find out how.

Testimonials can help you get more business through referrals. To find out how to leverage that, get my free Referral Marketing Training. You can sign up here.

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