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Eliminate Distractions When You Are Driving

While driving to a business meeting last week (on the freeway!), I was amazed at all of the people around me who were focused on something other than driving. It’s no wonder there are so many accidents.

The man in the car next me on the interstate was ruffling through papers that appeared to be on the passenger floor of his car. The woman in front of me was so busy using her hands to talk on the phone, I don’t know how she was steering the car. And then I passed someone texting on their phone. Oy.

It’s easy to get distracted these days. Especially when the economy is moving like a roller coaster. But you can’t afford to let distractions detour you from your path. If you do, you’ll never accomplish your goals. You wear many hats. Take some time to think about which hat you should wear and when it should be worn.

Proactively planning which hat you’ll wear at a given time will enable you to focus on the task at hand and get you closer to the success you seek.

What do you do to minimize distractions? Please leave a comment.

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