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Good Customer Service – Nope! Got It Wrong

I don’t know what I’d do without Staples delivery service. They save me a ton of time by delivering what I need right to my door. On the rare occasion there is an error in the delivery of my supplies, their customer service is plenty helpful too.

But they have a kink in the current process that needs to be worked out.

On a recent order, one of my products was left off the delivery truck. The driver said it would arrive the next day. Well it didn’t, so I contacted customer service. No problem they said. It will be there on Monday. Well, Monday came and went with no delivery. Then Tuesday morning, just when I was getting ready to call customer service, they called me and said they were on the way. Great! All my supplies arrived and I’m still a happy Staples customer.

Then the weirdest thing happened. Exactly five minutes after the delivery driver left, I received a phone call — from Staples automated service — advising me that my delivery would be one day late. Oops. That call should have come on Monday.

Good intentions for great customer relations are honorable and necessary for your business. But when the sequence is all wrong, they can do more harm than good. Does your customer contact process work the way it’s supposed to?

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