Sticky Introduction Will Help You Make a Better Connection

Having a Sticky Introduction Will Help You Make a Better Connection

When introducing yourself to a new contact, use as few words as possible to say what you do. Make sure your introduction is short, to the point and not “all about you.” You’ll be much more memorable than if you ramble on and on. And if your new contact wants to know more, let them ask.

Consider this example:

I work while the girls are in school as an esthetician. An esthetician is a Licensed Skin Therapist. I love the work, and that I have total control over my hours.

Yuck. Why even bother to introduce yourself as an esthetician? Most people don’t know what that is so it’s a waste of words. Then you have to take the additional step to explain that an esthetician is a Licensed Skin Therapist. This action could cause eyes to glaze over and ears to shut so the rest of your message is missed.

And frankly, who cares that you work while the “girls are in school.” I know it sounds harsh, but your prospects won’t care. Loving your work and having the ability to control your own hours is good too, but not in an introduction.

Here’s a better way:

A good technique is to use the ‘do you know’ approach. For example, “Do you know how hard it is for most people to manage their time? Well, I help them do that.” See the difference? Practice it until it rolls right off your lips. Make it sound natural, not pitchy and you’ll have more success.

When developing your introduction, use emotional trigger words to make sure you help the person think of how they or someone they know could use what you have to sell. You’ll make a better impression and have a greater likelihood of stickiness in the person’s mind.

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