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How To Create Your Company Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement can help you focus your business effort and do a lot of good in bringing your workforce together behind a common theme. The key to success is not just creating a mission statement, it’s living the mission statement.

A mission statement identifies the major purpose that you fulfill when providing products and services to customers. Your mission statement should:

  • Include the reason for your business
  • Identify your firm’s unique ‘value added’
  • Reflect your firm’s core business activity
  • Provide a focus
  • Identify the purpose you fulfill

Step One — Develop your mission statement by identifying:

  • Stakeholders – Those people who are directly affected by the company’s successes and failures. Stakeholders could be employees, internal customers, organizational customers, external customers.
  • Products and Services – Items that you produce for your customers. Products and services might include consulting, training, products or services for individual use, products or services for business use.
  • Value Added – The key advantage you provide over the competition. Why would a customer come to your company for service? What makes your company special?

Step Two — Construct A First Draft

  • The [your company name] meets the [your products and services] needs of [stakeholders] by [value added].

Step Three — Refine the Mission Statement

  • Is it too wordy? Is it brief and to the point? Will employees remember it? Would it make sense to your stakeholders? Is it a true mission statement and not a goal? Does it inspire your organization? Does it describe your business focus and effort? Is it unique?

Step Four — Make It Visible

  • Post the mission statement for easy review by all employees and customers.

Step Five — Live it!

  • This step will be easy if you’ve involved your entire group in the process.

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