How To Determine the Right Metrics In Your Online Marketing

How To Determine the Right Metrics In Your Online Marketing (Video)

If you put an ad in the paper and didn’t get any phone calls from it, would you consider that a success?

Of course you wouldn’t.

It wouldn’t matter if one hundred or one million people read your ad, if no one acted on it in a way that would benefit your business, it wasn’t a success.

And it would be tough to define some good metrics to try and sort it out.

But, amazingly, that’s what happens with a lot of online marketing.

Here are some typical metrics:

  • Visits to a page on a website
  • Number of people who liked a post on Facebook
  • Number of people who shared a tweet on Twitter
  • Number of people who liked a post on Instagram
  • Number of people subscribed to a mailing list
  • Search engine position for a given term
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Unless those clicks, visits, likes, shares, and subscribers turn into cold, hard cash for your business, it’s a failure.

Take a quick two minutes to watch this video and learn how what you measure in your online marketing is important to your business goals.

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