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Keep Tabs On Your AdWords Campaign Or Pay The Price

Okay, I’ll admit I’m a big picture kind of person.

And it seems that recently it’s cost me a good bit of money. Not a good thing. I don’t mind spending money to grow my small business, but I sure do hate wasting it.

Here’s the story.

I’d been running a Google AdWords campaign on one of my affiliate sites. Click throughs were pretty good, but I wasn’t getting many sales. I tweaked the copy and jumped through a bunch of hoops trying to fix the results, all to no avail. Finally I decided to click on some of the links for the products.

Duh! That was the problem.

The links no longer went anywhere. The company had changed their relationship with the advertising company and my links weren’t any good.

So what’s the moral of my story?

Pay attention to the details when something is not quite right. Sweat the small stuff, it matters. Click To Tweet

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