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Manage Your Files Better To Save Time And Energy

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time and be more organized. One of my biggest challenges is my computer. It frustrates me to no end to waste time looking for a file that I know is there — somewhere!

According to Rhonda Bartlett, owner of RB Design Studio, her favorite organizational tip is to use the (computer) Desktop. She says,

“When I am working on graphics (for example), I may create several different versions, all with different names, etc., and I save them to my desktop (temporarily). After I have the finished version of whatever document, graphic, etc., I am working on, I store it in the appropriate folder in my computer (i.e., My Documents). That way My Docs doesn’t become so unwieldy with all those revisions. After I have saved my final project, I delete those other temporary files from the desktop.”

Just a small note: just because you move a file to the Recycle Bin doesn’t mean it is really deleted until you Right Click on the Recycle Bin and empty it.

And here are some more great file management tips from my friend Martha Retallick.

“Your delete key is your best friend. It’s also the fastest way to get rid of files you don’t need. And you’d be amazed at how many of those files aren’t crucial. Your paper filing system should match the one used on your Windows or Mac master filing system. It should also match the way you have your e-mail program’s folders set up. Go for the 30-second rule. By this, I mean that you should be able to find anything, or any bit of information, within 30 seconds.”

If you want more great tips for managing those files, click on over to 7 Tips to Manage Your Files Better. And one of my best buddy’s is The Paper Tiger filing system. It will literally save you hundreds of hours. I’ve had it since the early 2000s and don’t know how I would find anything without it. You can take a look at it here.

How do you manage files? Leave your tip in the comments.

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