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Pay Attention To What’s Happening In Your Community

The small business just down the street from my house is suffering. A little family owned market, it depends on drive by traffic to survive. Problem is, the main road just got rerouted because of phenomenal growth in this area. Instantly, this small business owner saw a 90 percent drop off in business.

Now he’s in deep trouble — three months behind in his rent with business closure pending. His appeal to the county to help make it easy for customers to find his business hasn’t changed a thing. Looks like he’ll be gone soon.

I see this type of thing happening to small business owners every day.

In the name of progress, your business can be here one day and gone the next. The answer? Become part of the solution by getting involved in your community’s growth efforts. Find out, before it’s too late, what changes will impact your business and how you can change the plan before it’s final.

What suggestions do you have for a small business owner facing this situation? Please leave a comment.

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