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3 Truths for New Year Business Planning

Can you believe we’ve almost turned the corner on another year? I imagine right now you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season on top of trying to get everything in tip top

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3 Quick (and Free) Tricks to Researching Your Target Market

There are too many entrepreneurs who think that upfront research is a useless step when it comes to developing and selling a new product or service. After all, won’t customers flock to the new offering

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Whether you’re creating Facebook Live, YouTube or some other type of video, captions are a really important part of the process. Captions are the words that display when a video is playing and the

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Setting Business Boundaries and Saying No Is Vital To Business Survival

If you’ve ever had a client or a customer ask you to do something outside of your agreement, asked you to do something more when you’re not going to be paid for it, asked you to work all hours

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Affiliate Marketing Is Not a Dirty Word!

What do McDonalds, Quiznos, and Harley Davidson have in common? These companies all sell franchises to their business. That means a portion of the owner’s revenue goes back to the parent company

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Blog Marketing Academy Review – David Risley

David Risley of the Blog Marketing Academy popped into my radar a few years ago. I followed him and loved his no nonsense style. David is serious about helping small business owners turn their blog into

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10 Ways to Provide the Best Customer Service Every Day of the Year

I don’t know about you, but it’s the exception rather than the norm to get good customer service these days. So that means it’s important to make sure your business is providing the best

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Fire, Ready, Aim Is A Dangerous Project Launch Approach

Way too many small business owners use a “Fire, Ready, Aim” approach to launching projects. In the short run, this method may seem faster than planning your efforts, but this launch approach is fraught

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Projects Help Small Businesses Grow

When you hear the term “project management,” does it conjure up a visual of huge projects that take hundreds of people, lots of money, and a good bit of time to complete? That’s what a lot

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Should You Take On A Business Partner? 7 Things To Consider First

So you and your very best friend have decided the coolest thing in the world would be to start a business because you love being together and think so much alike.Before you get all caught up in the excitement,

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Abandoning Your Blog For Social Media Is A Fatal Mistake

As small businesses have tackled the big job of being active in social media there has been one common mistake made. So much attention is focused on creating content on the social media sites that very

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Will Your Business Sizzle or Fizzle This Summer?

Is it summer where you are yet? Here in Florida it often feels like it’s summer year round. Not really my favorite time of year — it means daily 90+ temps along with super high humidity which

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Do You Need A New Year To Stay Motivated?

A new year is such a hopeful time. I always get tons of positive energy from small business owners around the globe. Not a negative person in the lot. They are saying things like “This is my year!”

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How To Pick the Right Accountant for Your Small Business

The life of a small business owner can be a lonely one. Trying to do a million things at once to keep your business on a successful track is no easy feat. Add making sure the government is happy, and you

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3 (More) Easy Ways To Improve Cash Flow In Your Small Business

The ironic thing about small business is that we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to improving cash flow. We do things that really cause us to have different issues when it comes to our cash

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