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The Top 10 Ways to Get Subscribers Both Online and Offline

Many newsletter publishers lose sight of the fact that their prospects may never be able to find them online and the best way to attract them is to tell them about it offline.

Here are the Top 10 ways I’ve found that work best for getting subscribers — both online and offline.

1. When networking face-to-face, make sure you mention your newsletter if appropriate.

2. Ask people to forward to a friend in at least one place in the body of your newsletter.

3. Add the words “please forward” after the subject of your newsletter.

4. When you do speaking engagements or trade shows, make sure you have a sign up sheet for your newsletter.

5. On your website, make sure the sign up is easy to find and is in more than one place.

6. Check your web stats for the pages with the most visitors — your sign up should be a part of those pages.

7. Mail a sign up form with every piece of business correspondence.

8. Conduct a postcard campaign to your professional organization(s) mailing list.

9. Place an ad in your Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

10. Place a stack of printed fliers or brochures in your strategic alliance’s brick and mortar office.

More helpful tips are available in my free email marketing tips.

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