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My Favorite Tools and Resources

I'm often asked what tools I use in my business. I've been online since 1998, so those tools have changed a lot! It's so cool that technology keeps changing to help small business owners like us. I love all the techno geeks of the world who make our lives easier. ? On this page, you'll find the tools I love. I use these in my business and believe they are stellar solutions for small business. The links for these tools use my personal affiliate link which means if you choose to buy, I will make a small commission. You can have faith in the fact that I would never steer you towards a tool just to make money. And you won't ever be charged more for using my links. These are tools I believe in. Good luck!  ~ Denise O'Berry

Zoom Webinars & Video Meetings

Zoom is a cloud-based video platform that can be used for one on one meetings, group meetings or webinars. It has amazing flexibility and a variety of levels to meet anyone's needs. Unlike some of the other "old technology" platforms still available today, Zoom just works -- every. single. time. You can start with the FREE option and then upgrade as your business grows. And it's affordable too. Payment is made on a monthly basis. I have the Meetings Pro + Webinars plan which allows me to have online meetings anytime with up to 100 people. This also allows screen share on your Facebook Lives. I've had this service since 2016 and been very happy with it. Click here to see if Zoom is right for you.

ThriveCart Online Shopping Cart

ThriveCart is every online seller's dream of a shopping cart. As someone who's been selling products and services online for a while, I've tried my share of shopping carts and this one is the cream of the crop. It's not only effective, it's beautiful and integrates well with your website. And what's really cool is that it allows you to build in bumps, upsells and downsells that allow your customer's to buy with the click of a button. If you use my link, I offer a FREE one hour consultation as a bonus. Right now, ThriveCart is currently on sale for a ONE TIME never pay again fee. But I don't know how long that will last, so if you're in the market for a great shopping cart, click here to see if ThriveCart will work for you.

Book Like A Boss Online Scheduler

Book Like A Boss (BLAB) is an amazing scheduling tool. I tried other booking tools and was less than impressed. And then I found BLAB. I love this tool! The booking page is functional and professional. You can have more that one service that you book for and each can have separate booking pages. And it's super easy to set up.  What's really cool about BLAB is you can actually sell something directly from your booking page. They integrate with PayPal and Stripe. Click here to check out Book Like A Boss and see if it will work for you.

Rhino Support Online Customer Service Desk

Rhino Support is an amazing online customer support desk that has tons of options to help you serve your customers. And it's very simple to use. It's one click simple and integrates with your email which will save you a bunch of time managing support for your products and services. I've been a customer since 2011 and have been absolutely thrilled with the ease of use and functionality that lets me provide spectacular service yet not spend forever doing it. Click here to take a look at Rhino Support and see if it will work for you.

Thrive Suite -Themes and Plugins for Wordpress

My websites have been using the self hosted Wordpress platform for a long time so I've tried my share of themes and plugins. In 2016, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot with ThriveThemes and plugins. I'm not a web designer, but the themes and plugins are so simple to use I can do my own websites. Plus they have amazing support. You get access to all the amazing themes and plugins in Thrive Suite for a single price. These tools are focused on online marketing and conversions and will definitely help you convert your web lookers to customers. Click here to take a look and see if Thrive Suite will work for you.

Blog Marketing Academy

Blog Marketing Academy (BMA) is a huge training resource that can help you turn your blog into the business you want it to be. Most bloggers don't make anything from their blog. Considering the amount of time it takes and what a big part of your business it is, that's a sad state of affairs. David Risley (the creator) has developed a roadmap in the Blog Monitization Lab that will help you make your blog what it should be -- a profit producing business asset. I've been a member since 2014 and have improved my results exponentially. Your blog should be working for you too. Click here to take a look at BMA and see if it will work for you.

TechSmith - Camtasia and SnagIt Tools

In this day and age, two must have business tools are video editing software and image creation. And there are none better than Camtasia (video creation and editing) and SnagIt (image creation) created by the TechSmith company. Both tools are so flexible and easy to use to create the professional assets your business needs. I've been using them for years. I use Camtasia for all my video production. And SnagIt gets used every single day -- several times a day. Click here to see if Camtasia or SnagIt would work for your business.

SiteGround Web (Wordpress) Hosting

SiteGround is a web hosting service that really "gets it" when it comes to serving solo and micro businesses. The cost is affordable if you're just starting out, and they have options that will grow with you. They're experts in WordPress hosting and have fabulous customer service -- a must in today's virtual world. This is my current hosting company and I'm a happy customer. Whether you are ready to set up a "regular" website or one using the WordPress or Joomla platform, you can bet they'll be right by your side. Click here to check out SiteGround to see if it's the solution for you.

These are some (not all!) of the tools I use to run my business online. I stand behind each one of them. One of the things that is most important to me in online tools is customer service. Each one of these provides five star customer service. I want your business to be a success online too. Check out each of these tools to see if they will work for you. 

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