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Using Word Of Mouth Marketing To Grow Your Business

One of the biggest obstacles for most small business owners is having to sell the stuff they are most passionate about. Many feel that if they love it, everyone else should too. But it doesn’t normally work that way. However, if you can get your customers to be evangelists for you and create a ground swell of “word of mouth” marketing, your business will normally take off and sail on it’s own.

There’s an organization to help small business owners get that “word of mouth” strategy in motion. It’s called none other than the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). They’ve even set up some tips and guidelines in a new white paper they’re offering — Word of Mouth 101. Grab yourself a copy of that PDF file now.

While you’re waiting for it to download, read on regarding WOMMA’s definition of Word of Mouth Marketing.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?
Word of mouth is a pre-existing phenomenon that marketers are only now learning how to harness, amplify, and improve. Word of mouth marketing isn’t about creating word of mouth — it’s learning how to make it work within a marketing objective.

That said, word of mouth can be encouraged and facilitated. Companies can work hard to make people happier, they can listen to consumers, they can make it easier for them to tell their friends, and they can make certain that influential individuals know about the good qualities of a product or service.

Have you been successful making word of mouth marketing work for your business? Please tell me about it by leaving a comment.

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