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When Online, Remember Your Manners

Each and every day small business owners and entrepreneurs share free information and tools across the internet. It’s a wonderful opportunity for people trying to soak up as much as they can without spending a lot of bucks. But there’s something missing.

Plain old good manners. Several years ago (1998!) when I was a newbie to the whole online scene, a small business owner sent out access to a freebie guide to all of his list members. I promptly sent him back a thank you for sharing. He was shocked. He told me his list was several thousand members and I was the only person who had ever thanked him.

That’s a sad statement. But I can relate. I’ve shared countless free tools over time and I’ve rarely received a thank you. In fact one time, in response to an ebook I shared (made with eBook Pro, not PDF), all I got in return was a bunch of emails whining and complaining about the format.

Think about it the next time an expert you admire shares a free tool with you. Take the time to say thank you for their consideration.

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